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Some of these tracks are available as physical product (cd) One of them as Vinyl. Many are available in 3 download formats MP3, 256K AAC and Lossless. The difference between MP3 and 256KAAC is noticeable in my studio. The next level up to lossless is improved yet again. They are all the same price.

If you have a good sound system you will probably hear the difference.

As the quality steps up so does the file size and the download time. i.e. A typical 3.30 second song will go from 6 meg as an MP3 to 9 Meg as 256K AAC and 26 Meg as Lossless.

If you want to hear the best quality get the lossless file. If you want 10 million songs on your iPod get the MP3 !!!

If you have any trouble with the downloads give a hoy from the contact section !!!

POSTAGE – Free postage for any item within Australia

International postage add $10 for the T- shirts or add $5 for the Cd’s.

All Products